Mark Berardi

Mark Berardi is a distinguished attorney with licenses to practice in Illinois, Indiana, and Florida. His practice areas encompass a broad spectrum of legal disciplines, including the drafting of estate plans, execution of residential and commercial real estate transactions, business transactions, probate cases, and litigation related to real estate disputes.

A significant highlight of Mark’s career is his successful advocacy for property owners in Florida, securing insurance proceeds following Hurricane Ian. This accomplishment not only demonstrates his proficiency in complex legal and insurance frameworks but also his dedication to advocating for clients under challenging circumstances.

Under Mark’s leadership, his firm has cultivated one of the most prominent real estate practices in Illinois. This achievement speaks to his capacity to navigate the intricacies of the real estate market, offering a holistic approach to legal services that caters to an extensive range of client requirements.

Mark Berardi stands as a testament to excellence in the legal profession, combining his comprehensive understanding of the law with a deeply rooted commitment to his clients and community. His work not only reflects high legal acumen but also a profound dedication to justice and client advocacy, making him a valued member of the legal community and a trusted advisor to his clients.