You don’t know what the future will bring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare. Regardless of what occurs in the future, you’ll be ready for it with the proper estate plan. An iron-clad estate plan will protect your interests if you’re incapacitated and fulfill your final wishes when you pass away. Because the future is unpredictable, don’t put off estate planning. Berardi and Associates, LLC provides complete estate planning services, including your last will and testament, trusts, powers of attorney, and advanced directives. Whether you have a vast amount of assets or live paycheck to paycheck, these Chicagoland area estate planning services are critical, so reach out today.

Last Will and Testament

The attorneys at Berardi and Associates, LLC can help you create a last will and testament, so your assets will be distributed based on your desires. Your will can also cover matters related to your business, your minor children, and even your pets. Our real estate planning attornies can include a residue clause in your will, as well. This clause will allow the executor to distribute the assets that you’ve acquired but did not specifically mention in the will. This is beneficial for small assets, but if you make large purchases after drafting the will, come back to Berardi and Associates, LLC to update the document.


Your Chicagoland area estate planning attorney can help you form various trusts, including revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, living trusts, and special needs trusts. With the right trusts in your estate plan, you can ensure that you’re taken care of if you’re incapacitated, and your loved ones will receive your assets upon death. Trusts are more complicated than wills, so hiring a trust attorney is critical. While the paperwork is more complex, you enjoy benefits that include avoiding probate. Avoiding probate allows the executor to distribute assets faster and also protects everyone’s privacy.

Powers of Attorney

Berardi and Associates, LLC can also help with creating binding powers of attorney. You will choose someone to make health care and financial decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated. Then, your estate planning attorney will create the documents. Then, you’ll be prepared in case anything happens.

Advanced Directives

Your attorney will also help you draft advanced directives. An advanced directive is a legal order used to determine your future medical care. While many people choose a living will, you can also have your attorney draft a Texas medical power of attorney. The directive will name aperson who will make decisions on your behalf if you’re incapacitated.

Selecting the right advanced directives can be confusing. Fortunately, you can get legal help to navigate this process.

Protect Your Assets and Provide for Your Loved Ones

Estate planning helps you protect your assets and take care of your loved ones. It also provides the documents necessary to ensure you’re cared for if you’re ever incapacitated. Because these documents are so important, don’t create them yourself. Instead, contact our Chicagoland area estate planning law firm for help.

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