Specializing in commercial and residential real estate transactions, our firm tackles commercial litigation, construction defect litigation, and real estate disputes with expertise. We manage commercial transactions, leases, business formation, and offer tailored services in estate planning and probate, ensuring a seamless legal process for all clients.

Berardi and Associates, LLC brings over thirty years of combined expertise across a broad spectrum of legal services. We excel in both commercial and residential real estate transactions, adeptly navigate commercial litigation, and specialize in construction defect litigation and real estate disputes. Our team is proficient in managing commercial transactions and leases, guiding business formation, and providing comprehensive estate planning and probate services. Our commitment is to offer premier legal solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients with efficiency and precision.

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Mark Berardi

Founding Partner

Mark practices in the areas of residential and commercial real estate, estate planning (wills/trusts), trust and estate administration, probate, guardianship and bankruptcy. He has handled numerous real estate transactions, commercial and residential, in the Cook, Will, Grundy, DuPage, Kane and Kankakee County areas.

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Andrew Costa

Senior Associate

Andrew was admitted to the Illinois Bar in November of 2014 after he received his Juris Doctor conferred Cum Laude from DePaul University College of Law in May of 2014. He concentrates his practice in the areas of real estate, estate planning (wills/trusts), probate, ...

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Daniel Hawkins

Senior Associate

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Ryan Mayer


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3 stars

client testimonials

Mark represented me in the sale of my Illinois house. I am a Michigan lawyer with quite a bit of real estate experience, so I know good representation when I have it. First and foremost, Mark is very knowledgeable about the nuisances of Illinois real estate law. Second (and very important), Mark was extremely responsive to every email and call I made to him. Mark made me feel like I was his number one client during the process. Do not hesitate to retain Mark if you have a real estate issue… Mark and his team will take great care of you. Thank you Mark !

Jill Karana

Very reliable and experienced attorney! I am extremely pleased with the service and the outcome of my real estate transaction. It was critical for me to stay informed about my case, and Mark was always available to talk and update me. Don’t be afraid to contact him, he is the real estate lawyer you should hire!

Changle Chentai

Mr. Berardi was hired to evict my troublesome tenant. Despite the fact that the tenant tried every possible delay tactic, he was able to get him out in no time. He was always available to answer my questions and provide updates, which I appreciated. I wholeheartedly recommend him as your next real estate attorney.

Melinda Ward

Over the past few months, I have referred a few closings to Mark and Berardi Law Office and have always been impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, and ability to execute. These are three crucial factors to consider when placing settlement business, and the company never fails to “wow” me. If you want to work with a dependable real estate lawyer who produces excellent results, I highly recommend them.

Richard Andrews

Wonderful experience. Mark was meticulous, communicative, and extremely knowledgeable – exactly what you want in a real estate law firm. His team was quick to respond to emails and messages and was eager to walk me through the answers to my questions. I closed on a house during COVID, and despite the difficulties, the process went smoothly. That is, there were issues, but Mark Berardi handled them without affecting me or the timeline. He is unquestionably an outstanding real estate lawyer. I will most certainly hire him again! Overall, they provided me with five-star service.

Elenay Lewise

I hired Mark Berardi to assist me with a tenant issue, and he provided me with excellent advice. His fee was reasonable, and he also provided me with a lot of free advice. He is the best real estate lawyer near me. If I need legal advice again, I will contact him.

Madelief Reiners

I went to Mark initially for assistance with my house purchase contract. He’s helped me with so much more since then, and I really appreciate that he listens, and his advice is still unconditional and honest; I don’t feel like a “case” when I’m talking to him. I found this amazing real estate lawyer through an online review and am so glad I did. 5 stars without a doubt.

Yuanzhe Hujiang

Mark came to our rescue! We had to evict a tenant, and the lease was particularly bad, making our lives difficult. He guided us through the entire process, navigating numerous curveballs and ensuring that everything was in order in the end. If you need a dependable real estate lawyer, I highly recommend him.

Kyle Tupper

This is the best real estate attorney near me! He aided us in quickly evicting a non-paying tenant. The Tenant was being unreasonable, but he quickly reversed and agreed to move out. Don’t look for another lawyer, I wholeheartedly recommend him!

Dennis Devault

I am very happy to have found Mark. I, too, found him through google reviews, and I’m paying it forward. I’m so thankful to be living in the age of google reviews. I interviewed/started to work with a few attorneys, but it was readily clear that they didn’t understand the nuances of my situation. Or, perhaps they did, but the complications were too much, etc.Mark, on the other hand, informally apprised my situation before I even retained him. I really appreciated this because I’m guessing he has lots of people wanting “free lunches”, i.e., “free” legal advice without formally hiring him.I am in midst of a stressful transaction (think, on the one end, the volatile combination of a foolish relative plus gold diggers, and on the other hand, buyers who have a complicated loan. Throw into the mix a well-intended, but not completely responsive or thorough-going realtor. Mark and his team are the only constants in this situation. If it were not for this, the whole thing would feel very opaque.He has a in-depth understanding of real estate law, has advised me on how to proceed when I have questions, and returns my emails promptly. I like to be self-aware: I know my transaction cannot be all consuming for anyone outside of myself, and I also know that this is not a high-end, top dollar transaction, so I try to lay low, not pester, and only ask the needed questions. I should stress that he has never made me feel that way–in fact, he responds very quickly, at all hours (he may be a vampire ;)). He has saved me from what could have been critical errors/oversights on my part. I live simultaneously in Indiana, where we don’t use an attorney for real estate transactions, and now I see why my previous transactions were an utter mess. There was no one with any skill around in any of our past purchases.Mark has been exceedingly helpful, and I really appreciate this, especially knowing my transaction, by its very nature, is not the most compelling or high-paying (if I’m blunt). I will be recommending him to family and friends.

Catherine Bronson

Mark has been great with our estate planning needs. Great communication and highly recommended

Kenzie Reagan

I was first able to consult with the Berardi team over the phone and retrieve more honest/valuable direction to an accident than I could’ve ever expected. Having Mark handle my case was the best decision! He gave me hope throughout my case as the process progressed and did an absolute amazing job handling my case. Couldn’t recommend this team more!

Carolina Beaulieu

Mark Berardi is one of those rare attorneys who is willing to take the time necessary to listen to his clients and fully explain their options. If you are facing financial difficulties you would be wise to at least schedule a consult with him to go over your personal situation. You won’t regret it.

Laura Berry

Mr. Berardi was my lawyer in the sale of my home. I rarely write reviews unless I am very impressed! The sale process was not easy, the buyers had some ridiculous requests after inspection and Mr. Berardi expertly advised me as to how to proceed. I was also very torn about selling my house and had some last minute decisions to make and Mr. Berardi was always promptly available to answer my questions even on weekends and late into the evening. If he was in a meeting his partner Andrew Costa spoke to me instead. I wish I would have found them sooner and used them in my estate planning.

Elsie Pennoyer

Mark took the time to explain everything about bankruptcy. He is the best lawyer I have ever had the honor to speak with, I now know more about bankruptcy than anyone in my family. Mark took time to explain things I can do to help my case. i recommend him to everyone.

Alani Kelly

They provided the best advice and fix for my bad situation. I’m super grateful that he took the time to listen and solve the problem without getting too deep into my pocket. He was a great problem solver. I’d definitely retain his services again if need be.

Maria Wanner

Mark is the BEST! He was so so easy to work with, plus extremely sharp and understanding. His great work made the probate process so much easier for our family. I spoke to a few attorneys before hiring Berardi Law and once I spoke with Mark I knew he was the right one for us. During our probate hearing it was clear that Mark is just as well liked and respected by the Judge, which made our rather complicated and delicate family probate matter much easier to work through. Hire him! You won’t regret it.

Eric Moreno

Mark makes things that seem complicating easy to understand. He has done a wonderful job helping me and people I that have referred to him. I never have to feel uncomfortable sending people his way because she has always been professional, accommodating, and beyond capable.

Dexter King

My husband and I just bought a home! Mark and his team have been a pleasure to work with. They have been timely, professional, and never made us feel like we were asking a silly question.The home buying process can be overwhelming, especially your FIRST one, but the Berardi & Associates team helped make the entire process as smooth as can be. We really appreciated how available the entire team was, whether we wanted to jump on the phone for clarification on something, or get a question answered via email.If you’re looking for a knowledgable attorney, who is also hardworking and easy to talk to, Mark is your guy! We definitely recommend him and his team! Thanks so much for all of your help over the last few months.

Nicole G

Mark helped us sell our home and purchase our new home and we couldn’t be more pleased with his service. He was incredibly responsive and went above and beyond on all aspects of both sales. We had a a messy closing situation but Mark and our realtor made it as seamless as possible and made sure to do as much as they could on the back-end without bringing any additional stress to us. We truly appreciate everything you did! If you need a top-notch attorney when buying or selling your home, Mark is your man!

Andria Winkler

Mark & Team helped us with a recent residential property sale. The team was prompt, courteous and had our best interests throughout the process. We highly recommend Mark & Team. Thank you!

Lakshman Venkat

Mark helped us with selling our condo and buying our home! He came highly recommended, and we are so glad we ended up going with him. He was on top of everything, and ALWAYS responded within minutes maybe even seconds! We were so impressed by his timely responses, professionalism and knowledge! Thank you Mark for all that you did to help us. We will be recommending you to everyone we know! We’ve never met an attorney as good as him – best in the business! Thanks again!

Margreth Celestino

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