Daniel Hawkins is the senior litigation attorney at Berardi & Associates LLC, bringing a wealth of experience from his practice in Florida, Illinois, and Michigan. A proud alumnus of Chicago-Kent College of Law, Daniel has built a notable career by focusing on areas where law intersects with real-world challenges, emphasizing construction law, insurance claims, business law, and title insurance.

In the realm of construction, Daniel has a strong track record of representing parties on both sides of disputes, ensuring that developers, condominium associations, contractors, and owners navigate the complexities of their legal challenges with strategic support and counsel. His approach is informed by a deep understanding of the sector’s nuances, aiming to resolve conflicts and safeguard interests with diligence and foresight.

Daniel’s work with first-party insurance claims, especially those arising from events like Hurricane Ian in Florida and commercial business claims in Illinois, demonstrates his commitment to assisting insureds through difficult periods. His efforts are characterized by a meticulous attention to detail and a compassionate understanding of his clients’ situations, striving to secure just outcomes in the aftermath of disasters.

In business law, Daniel offers guidance on the formation and sale of businesses, drawing on his comprehensive legal knowledge to provide advice that encompasses the challenges and opportunities unique to each enterprise. His involvement with title insurance agencies, covering formation, litigation, and sales, showcases his capability to address a spectrum of legal needs with expertise and professionalism.

At Berardi & Associates LLC, Daniel’s practice is a testament to his dedication to legal excellence and client service. His work is driven by a belief in the importance of clear, effective legal counsel and the value of a collaborative approach to legal challenges. Through his contributions, Daniel has become an integral part of the firm, respected by colleagues and clients alike for his legal acumen and unwavering ethic.