Catherine Bronson

I am very happy to have found Mark. I, too, found him through google reviews, and I’m paying it forward. I’m so thankful to be living in the age of google reviews. I interviewed/started to work with a few attorneys, but it was readily clear that they didn’t understand the nuances of my situation. Or, perhaps they did, but the complications were too much, etc.Mark, on the other hand, informally apprised my situation before I even retained him. I really appreciated this because I’m guessing he has lots of people wanting “free lunches”, i.e., “free” legal advice without formally hiring him.I am in midst of a stressful transaction (think, on the one end, the volatile combination of a foolish relative plus gold diggers, and on the other hand, buyers who have a complicated loan. Throw into the mix a well-intended, but not completely responsive or thorough-going realtor. Mark and his team are the only constants in this situation. If it were not for this, the whole thing would feel very opaque.He has a in-depth understanding of real estate law, has advised me on how to proceed when I have questions, and returns my emails promptly. I like to be self-aware: I know my transaction cannot be all consuming for anyone outside of myself, and I also know that this is not a high-end, top dollar transaction, so I try to lay low, not pester, and only ask the needed questions. I should stress that he has never made me feel that way–in fact, he responds very quickly, at all hours (he may be a vampire ;)). He has saved me from what could have been critical errors/oversights on my part. I live simultaneously in Indiana, where we don’t use an attorney for real estate transactions, and now I see why my previous transactions were an utter mess. There was no one with any skill around in any of our past purchases.Mark has been exceedingly helpful, and I really appreciate this, especially knowing my transaction, by its very nature, is not the most compelling or high-paying (if I’m blunt). I will be recommending him to family and friends.