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What Is A Business Law

To fully understand business law, let’s start with a question that may seem simple at first glance: What is a Lawyer? A lawyer is a professional who helps individuals, businesses, and other organizations resolve legal issues and disputes. 

There are a variety of legal issues that can arise for businesses, including contract disputes, employment law matters, intellectual property infringement claims, and more. 

Business law attorneys specialize in the laws that govern business transactions and activities. A business law attorney can help you navigate these complex legal waters and protect your interests.

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What To Look For In A Business Law Attorneys

When choosing a business law attorney, it is important to consider the attorney’s experience with business-related legal issues. The attorney should also have a good understanding of the specific industry in which your business operates. 

Additionally, you will want to make sure that the attorney has strong communication skills. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of different types of lawyers with different specialties, skills, and backgrounds. 

“Small Business Startup Lawyers Near Me” is a long-tail phrase that is often searched on the internet and we are proud to be a resource for small businesses in our community. 

Berardi Law Office is proud to have a team of business lawyers that are highly skilled in contract negotiation, business formations, and other key aspects of business law. On the other hand, one of the specialties of our Berardi Law Office lawyers is to be well-rounded. 

Whether reviewing a contract or consulting with business owners, negotiating a deal, or litigating, our attorneys are equally comfortable with all aspects of the law. 

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What Is A Business Law Attorneys
What Is A Business Law Attorneys

These are just a few of the typical situations our legal team encounters. Successful business law firms are flexible and knowledgeable problem solvers who seek to help their clients in the most efficient manner possible. 

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If you are in the process of starting a business, or if you have been running one for some time now, there is no question that you will need legal representation. There are many different types of lawyers who specialize in different things, but when it comes to small businesses, most people are aware that they need a lawyer with experience in Small Business Law. 

What does this type of lawyer do? This blog post will give you more information on what these lawyers can do for your company.

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What Does A Business Lawyer Do

1. Setting Up A Business 

Which business structure is right for you? An LLC, an S Corp, or another kind of business? Making the wrong choice can be extremely expensive to fix your problems, and may not recognize the problems for years.

2. Intellectual Property

Patenting, trademarking, or copyrighting a product or service will help establish your reputation as a trusted business. As a result, your business will prosper. If you hold a patent for your product, your customers will know that you invented the product, which gives you an advantage over other companies. In an industry that is just starting, reputational boosts can be hugely important to a small business’s success.

3. Contract Writing

If you are hiring employees or taking on a new client, what documents will you need? Are there any waivers they need to sign? Do the forms need to include specific information? An attorney can help you customize your contracts to meet your business needs.

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Hiring A Business Law Attorneys

4. Breaches Of Contract & Disputed Contracts

 How does a dispute over a contract affect the parties involved? What if a client refuses to pay? Are employees allowed to discuss secrets? When necessary, a business lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf, negotiate, and advocate for you.

5. Resolving Conflicts

A well-intentioned and well-prepared small business owner may run into workplace issues, such as disability and sick leave, discrimination, and sexual harassment. Whenever an issue arises, the business lawyer educates the client about applicable laws and best practices and represents the client.

6. Establishing A Business

The type of business entity you choose for your company impacts every aspect of your business operations. As part of this, you need to pay taxes, obtain capital to protect your liability, and possibly go public. You can choose an entity that will cause you costly and time-consuming legal issues and legal problems in the future if you do not understand the pros and cons of each business entity.

7. Compliance

An experienced business lawyer can offer advice regarding compliance issues and help develop monitoring and risk management systems for start-ups and established businesses.

8. Acquisitions And Mergers

Are you thinking about buying out your competitors? Would you like to be acquired by a much bigger company? Are you interested in partnering with another company? A business lawyer can help you through this process. Don’t take the risk of not having one.

9. Disputes Regarding Real Estate And Property 

A business lawyer is likely to be needed whether your business owns or leases properties. A business attorney negotiates leases and sales as well as figures out complicated and confusing real estate laws.

Do Business Attorneys Go to Court

Business attorneys need a broad skill set to handle a range of business-related matters, including litigation. There are so many issues businesses need to sort through when operating. 

The business lawyers at Berardi Law Office do everything they can to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. In the event of a business litigation dispute, we have experienced attorneys with over a decade of experience.

When Is It Necessary To Consult An Attorney For A Business

Many simple transactions may lead to misunderstandings that can cost a company thousands of dollars to resolve. In many of these cases, you could have avoided or significantly mitigated the problems that you are currently experiencing with a quick consultation with Berardi Law Office.

You must immediately contact a small business lawyer if you have concerns about whether or not you need an attorney, regardless of whether or not your business is a local small business or a national corporation. 

Importance Of A Business Law Attorney 

The need for a business attorney is not exclusive to large corporations. Anyone who makes a small amount of money with an online store, a brick-and-mortar store, or a small car dealership can benefit from the services of a business attorney. 

Consulting a business attorney is a wise decision when dealing with so many different types of business entities. Many businesses will undoubtedly face legal concerns in their daily operations, making the services of business law lawyers extremely valuable. A business lawyer can offer a wide range of assistance, including forming a business, preparing Federal, State, and Local Tax returns, helping businesses protect their trademarks and copyrights, and drafting employment agreements.

What Does A Corporate Lawyer Do

What Does A Corporate Lawyer Do

The majority of corporate lawyers rarely enter courtrooms, contrary to popular belief. Instead, many of their activities are considered “transactional.” In other words, they often assist corporations in avoiding lawsuits. Among the things corporate lawyers typically do:


Conducting legal reviews, drafting legal contracts, and negotiating legally-binding agreements on behalf of a corporation, ranging from lease agreements to multi-billion dollar acquisitions.

Mergers And Acquisitions (M&A)

Performing due diligence, negotiating, drafting, and monitoring of “deals” in which a corporation merges with another or acquires another

Corporate Governance

Providing clients with a framework for how their firms should be managed and controlled. Among these tasks are drafting articles of incorporation, drafting bylaws, advising corporate directors and officers regarding their rights and responsibilities, and other policies used to manage the business

Venture Capital

Providing startups and existing businesses with capital to build or expand their businesses, either through private or public financing

  • Securities

Aspects of securities law compliance, including fraud prevention, insider trading, market manipulation, and transparency within publicly-traded companies, include advising clients.

Corporate lawyers are often employed by large or mid-size law firms with a corporate law department. There are many specialties or areas of corporate law that corporate lawyers focus on, such as mergers and acquisitions, venture capital, or securities.

The majority of large corporations have their in-house legal departments and some corporate lawyers work for them. Corporate lawyers typically handle a wide variety of legal problems in-house.

Searching for “Small Business Lawyer Near Me” is very important especially for new business owners. The key to success is following the laws and protecting your small business from lawsuits. Every state has its own set of rules regarding what a lawyer does, so you must talk with one in your area about how they can help make sure everything runs smoothly at your company.

We have experienced business law attorneys who can help you navigate the confusing legal landscape that surrounds your company. We have over 30 years of experience in all types of business law cases, giving us the ability to provide our clients with unparalleled service and expertise. 

If you are looking for a lawyer who has successfully represented small businesses, corporations, partnerships, or other entities across America then we would love to hear from you today!

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