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Business Law

Protect You Com​pany With Our Business Law Firm

Your business is more than a way to make money. It’s a part of your identity and gives you a sense of pride. It can also be a source of stress if you have legal issues. Berardi and Associates, LLC has 35 years of experience in business law. Our firm has represented many Chicagoland area businesses, helping them with everything from setting up the right business structure to handling business disputes. Learn more about the standard services our Chicagoland area business law attorneys provide and reach out for a consultation.

Business Formation

Forming a new business is exciting, but there are lots of legal hurdles you must overcome. Our Chicagoland area business law attorneys help clients choose and set up the appropriate business structure. Along with setting up the business structure, our attorneys can:

  • Help companies apply for permits and licenses
  • Negotiate agreements
  • Assist with strategic alliances

This is just a small sample of how Berardi and Associates, LLC can help your business during the early stages.

Non-compete Agreements

Whether you are bringing on independent contractors or full-time employees, non-compete agreements are essential. Our team can draft ironclad non-compete agreements that will hold up in the court of law. By refusing to leave room for interpretation, our non-compete agreements will protect your company.

Intellectual Property

Your intellectual property is vital to the health and well-being of your business. Berardi and Associates, LLC can help you secure the rights to your intellectual property. From confidentiality agreements to registering trademarks, we will develop a legal strategy to ensure no one infringes on your rights.

Business Transactions

Our experienced Chicagoland area business law attorneys can represent your company during business transactions, such as service contracts, licensing agreements, and product development agreements. We begin by negotiating the transaction, and then, we draft the agreement. Once we finalize the document, the parties must follow the legal agreement. If not, we can also handle dispute resolution. This can include arbitration and mediation, although we are also experienced litigators and can take the case to court if necessary.

Business Ligation

Sometimes, business disputes escalate and end up in court. Our Chicagoland area business lawyers excel at business litigation. We have decades of courtroom experience handling various business disputes, including partnership and succession disputes. Because we prepare for litigation as soon as a dispute arises, our business law attorneys are ready to try the case before a judge when the time comes. We are aggressive in the courtroom and have a reputation for protecting our clients’ interests and achieving the desired outcome.

Contact Our Business Law Firm Today

Failing to address your business’ legal needs could cost you lots of money in the long run. Avoid this problem by contacting Berardi and Associates, LLC today. During the consultation, we will go over your legal needs and develop a plan to protect your company and livelihood. Then, you can focus on your business while we handle your legal needs. With our help, you’ll have the legal protection to reach your business goals.

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